I have loved all my trips - there is something magical and something to learn and experience in every one of them. This latest one was no exception. Here is the story of my three weeks in the UK and Europe in autumn 2009.

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What an amazing adventure.

Cities Visited

  1. Cardiff, Wales

  2. Bath, Somerset

  3. Inverness, Scotland

  4. Aberdeen, Scotland

  5. Edinburgh, Scotland

  6. Paris, France

  7. Berlin, Germany

  8. Caerphilly, Wales

Special Thanks go to:

  1. my daddy

  2. my boss for letting me take off work

  3. Steve for being an amazing and generous host and travel partner

  4. Meike and Erik for wonderful hospitality in Berlin

  5. G-Loe (aka Shaker One) for taking care of Jack the Cat and Mr. Bubbles while I was away.