After heading to New England earlier this year and seeing the gorgeous trees and scenery, I decided I wanted a taste of winter for Christmas. After some discussion, my friend Janis opted to go along and we selected our dream Christmas destination...Calgary and Banff, Alberta, Canada!!! Let it SNOW!!
Welcome to the Great White North
‘Twas the month before Christmas, when we two planned the trip
Snow, trees and twinkle lights, and eggnog to sip.
The arrangements were secured with points galore,
For flights and hotels, all of which Janis had stored.

Arriving in Calgary on December twenty two,
We quickly discovered something we never knew -
The men in Alberta were gorgeous and sweet -  
Definitely a few we clamored to meet.
Next onto Banff, the wonderland of snow
And a  giant Scottish castle with lights all aglow.
We decorated our room with a tiny little tree,
Stockings, garland, ornaments and glee.
Speakers played an ipod of music so merry,
Snow fell outside, the ground it did bury.
We headed out to ride a bright red sleigh,
Listening to jingle bells and carols on the way.
We then wandered around the quaint little town
Donning knit caps and ear muffs like a festive crown.
A wonderful dinner on Christmas Eve night
Celebrated this holiday’s coming just right.
The next morning we woke to find Santa had come
We opened our presents, how could we be glum?!
Paper was ripped and ribbons untied -
Festive, though Janis kept looking eagerly outside.
Skiing was her plan for later in the day
Flying down the mountain, a snow bunny at play.
After drinking hot cocoa and warming cold toes,  
We headed back to the Fairmont for more comfy clothes.
The next morning had us exploring merchant’s wares
We noticed lots of things with moose, elk and bears.
Next onto Lake Louis for more downhill fun
The afternoon had time for at least one more run!
Sadly, we packed our things later that eve,
The next day signaled it was time for us to leave.
A few more sites we drove out to see,
The scenery was exquisite, at least to Janis and me.
We turned in the truck and found our flight was delayed,
A travel miracle to get us home is then what we prayed.
Once again, things worked in our favor -
Deanna at the United counter was our life savor.
Routed through SFO later that night,
We landed in LA, things were all right.
As we collected our bags and hopped in the cab
We both decided that this was one of the best holidays we’d ever had.
To read the more narrative and less poetic version of the trip - click here for the rundown!
A huge THANK YOU to Janis for coming with me on this adventure and bringing up Banff as a destination, it was perfect.