Stancliff Family Vacation 2007


I’ve always wanted to go to Europe...

My dad uttered these words after I finished telling him about my trip to Thailand last year. Next words out of my mouth were “well, let’s go next year,” and the plan was hatched. Over the next few months, I let him pick where he wanted to go… his choices: Rome and Greece.

The dates were picked, plans were made and we were off! Read on for the adventures of me, my dad, my brother and a fun filled tour of southern Europe.....

My dad and brother arrived in LA from their respective states and we departed LAX for London… “London??! But you said Rome and Greece.” I did… however, I found this lovely new business class airline called MAXjet that flies from LAX to Stansted for a lot less then business class on other airlines. Why did I want business class? You ever cram into coach with 2 6’-something men? It is not pretty, especially for 9+ hours. This gave us more room and a comfier flight. The crew was friendly and fun and the lounge made waiting much more pleasant. Well worth the money, in my book.

Anyhoo, this also gave them a little glimpse at London and the odd experience of driving on the other side of the road for the first time. We took the bus from Stansted airport to our hotel outside Gatwick for our morning flight to Rome.

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